Tuesday, January 31, 2012


هذول مو اخر مشترياتي بس اللي حبيتهم مؤخرا

اساور من Guess الاسوارة اللي بالعلبة عملية وتنفع للدوام او مع ساعة ذهبية

الثانية نفس الديزاين بس تعلقياتها اكثر

خاتم حبيته من اول ما شفت واحدة من البنات في احد البلوجس حاطته

من مانغو اكسسوريز بديرة سيتي سنتر

اخر شيء

انا واحدة مالي في المكياج بس من كثر الريفيوز اللي قريتها وشفتها عن هالمنتج حبيت اجربه

 اخذتــه من سيفورا بالامارات مول Urban Decay Palett

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Eleven Minutes

Writer: Paulo COHELO
Date 2003
“Once upon a time, there was a prostitute”, It was the first sentence that
attracts me to buy this fairy tale/ saga sex-discovery.

Saudis in America

Saudis in America (Sa'udiyyun fi amrika)
Turki Al Dakhil
Published by Obeikan
Page 186

Turki Al-Dakhil is a Saudi liberal journalist and writer, one of his bestseller books is “Saudis in America” which was released in 2007.
In his book, Turki shares his memorable experience in States, where he went as an English student. He talked about the eternal conflict of Arabs trying to be integrated in the Western culture.
Being a Muslim and a Saudi national, Turki had experienced some fair, as his stay in USA was marked by the September 11th attacks. In addition, he examined the American personalities before and after the attacks towards Arabs.
However, at the Eugene Institute and the community where he lived, Turki felt that most of the citisens were polite, helpful and welcoming.
In one of the chapters, he described how the Saudi students had traveled to USA believing that there will be no friendship between the believers (Saudis) and the infidels (Americans). In addition to the pre-idea of the ‘other’ who will always try to influence Muslims to convert to Christian.
 ‘Saudis in America’ were described by the critics as a book where the author puts his political views covered under a narrative personal experience.
Hence, Turki Al Dakhil said he was transparent in reflecting his picture as well as the other; moreover mirroring his experience and his country citisens in states.
To conclude, he book’s cover was designed as an American flag, using Saudi Ghotra (Scarf that Saudi men wear it on their heads), and a blue jean piece with stars representing USA.